Victorian Collection 2-3/8″x 8″

Featuring 2-3/8″ x 8″ Plates

Available Finishes:


  • • Done in the Rococo style first popular in France c. 1730’s and spreading over Europe and England during the Victorian era, the Rococo style often embraced three dimensional mirrored finishes, combined with a whimsical combination of shells, flowers, ribbons and reeds.
  • • Available in a huge assortment of functions including Bed/Bath, Hall/Closet, Single or Double Cylinder deadbolt and a wide range of Mortise body functions.
  • • Sold as complete sets including all mounting hardware with any knob or lever in any finish.
D05-K447S Single Dummy Set
D05-K447D Double Dummy Set
D05-K447A Passage Set 2-3/8″
D05-K447B Passage Set 2-3/4
D05-K447G Privacy Set 2-3/8
D05-K447H Privacy Set 2-3/4
A05-P4470 Plate Only
Available Finishes
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