Arts & Crafts Switchplates

Single – 2-3/4″ w x 6-1/2″ h

Double – 4-1/2″ w x 6-1/2″ h

Triple – 6-3/8″ w x 6-1/2″ h



M05-S5600 Arts & Crafts Single Switch
M05-S5610 Arts & Crafts Single Outlet
M05-S5620 Arts & Crafts Single GFCI
M05-S5630 Arts & Crafts Double Switch
M05-S5640 Arts & Crafts Combo, 1 Switch/1 Outlet
M05-S5650 Arts & Crafts Triple Switch
M05-S5660 Arts & Crafts Double Outlet
M05-S5670 Arts & Crafts Double GFCI
M05-S5671 Arts & Crafts Double, 1 Switch/1GFCI
M05-S5680 Arts & Crafts Triple, 2 Switch/1 Outlet
M05-S5690 Arts & Crafts Triple GFCI
M05-S56X0 Arts & Crafts Single Blank
M05-S56XX Arts & Crafts Double Switch
M05-S56TV Arts & Crafts Single TV



Available Finishes
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