Netropol Collection

Rosette measures 2-5/8″

Available Finishes:


  • • Enter the modern age with this mushroom shaped knob style made popular by the Earle Hardware Co. around 1935! Simple design, yet goes with many back plate styles. Finishes well in solid finishes like Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, and Weathered Finishes.
  • • Available in a complete assortment of functions including Bed/Bath (Privacy), Hall/Closet (Passage), Bi-Fold (Single Dummy) and Double Door (Double Dummy) functions.
  • • Rosette measures 2-5/8″, 2-1/8″ bore, self-alligning mount.
  • • Sold as complete sets including all mounting hardware with any knob or lever in any finish.
D07-K360S Single Dummy Set
D07-K360D Double Dummy Set
D07-K360A Passage Set 2-3/8″
D07-K360B Passage Set 2-3/4
D07-K360G Privacy Set 2-3/8
D07-K360H Privacy Set 2-3/4
Available Finishes
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