Lafayette Rosette

Rosette measures 2-5/8″ self-aligning

Available Finishes:


  • • Designed in the French Regency style c. 1710-1730 following the reign of Louis XIV. Curvilinear shapes make the composition flow freely.
  • • Available in a complete assortment of functions including Bed/Bath (Privacy), Hall/Closet (Passage), Bi-Fold (Single Dummy) and Double Door (Double Dummy) functions.
  • • Rosette measures 2-5/8″, bore size 2-1/8″.
  • • Sold as complete sets including all mounting hardware with any knob or lever in any finish.
D02-K286S Single Dummy Set
D02-K286D Double Dummy Set
D02-K286A Passage Set 2-3/8″
D02-K286B Passage Set 2-3/4
D02-K286G Privacy Set 2-3/8
D02-K286H Privacy Set 2-3/4
Available Finishes
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