Arts & Crafts Collection 2-7/8″x11-1/4″

Featuring 2-7/8″ X 6-5/8″ Plates

Available Finishes:



  • Arts & Crafts was an international design movement that flourished between 1860 and 1910, especially in the second half of that period, continuing its influence until the 1930s.
  • The distinctive window-pane pattern, originally known as Bastile, was designed by Pacific Hardware of Los Angeles around 1912.
  • Manufactured especially for modern, pre-drilled doors, installation is quick and easy for professionals or home owners alike.
  • Sold as complete sets including all mounting hardware with any knob or lever in any finish.
D05-K535S Single Dummy Set
D05-K535D Double Dummy Set
D05-K535A Passage Set 2-3/8″
D05-K535B Passage Set 2-3/4
D05-K535G Privacy Set 2-3/8
D05-K535H Privacy Set 2-3/4
D05-P5330 Plate Only
Available Finishes
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