Powder Coating Services

On-Site Powder Coating & Blasting Services

Powder Coating provides an attractive, durable finish that will stand up to weather extremes, in addition of being free of chemical solvents, there’s also the environmental perk. With any coating leftover from a job it can be recollected and recycled for future use. Less waste and no environmental toxic materials provides a cleaner, more efficient, and less costly coating option.

BRASS Accents offers a large selection of high-quality powders. We have the knowledge as well as experience to help you choose the right powder for the job!

Regardless of what you’re powder coating, there could be an area you Do Not want any powder coating to be applied. Which is why we stock a large variety of High-Temp Masking Film and High-Temp Plugs.

Whether an automobile or antique of some sort, powder coating is an excellent way to provide the final step in bringing it back to life.

Booth Size: 8x8x8
Oven Size: 4x6x6
A Manual booth allowing finer attention to detail.

Batch Oven

Allowing us to run a variety of part sizes, ability to achieve a faster setup for color changes, and the ability to respond quickly to customer needs.

Quality Control

  • MEK Rub Test
  • Color Match
  • Gloss Measurement
  • Film Thickness
  • Impact Test
  • Cross Hatch Test

Test are preformed with every batch of products.

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Additional Services:

Media Blasting

A surface preparation prior to painting, bonding or other coating operations. Great removal of rust, scale, sand, or paint from fabricated components

Light Assembly & Packaging

We also offer light assembly and packaging of your product whether it be individual or bulk.

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