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What is a backset and how do you measure for it?

It is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the knob hole.  Most commonly 2-3/8” for interior doors and 2-3/4” for exterior doors.  Also available in 2” for patio doors.

How to measure for a door kick plate?

We recommend the width be 2” less than the nominal size of the door.  IE for a 36” door we recommend 34” wide kick plates.  Height recommended based on the door visual.  We stock 6” tall and 8” tall, but will custom make almost anything.

How to measure the center to center of a deadbolt set?

The measurement from the center of the cylinder to the center of the knob/lever. (not from the key slot or turnpiece, both of which are below the centerline)

How are floor registers measured?

Floor registers are sized by the hole required.  IE, a 4” x 10” floor register requires a 4” x 10” hole and the overall register is approx.. 3-4/5” x 9-7/8” larger than the hole size.

How do you measure for a mail slot?

Mail slots are sized by the overall size of the plate.  A 3 x 10 mail slot measures 3” x 10” overall.  The hole size is approx. 2-3/8” x 8-3/8”” smaller than the overall size.

What is the difference between a single cylinder deadbolt and double cylinder deadbolt?

A single cylinder requires a key to open from the outside but only a twist of a turnpiece to open from the inside.  A double cylinder requires a key to open from either side.  With the exception of Alzheimer’s patients we never recommend double cylinders, and especially in homes with children.

What standard door thickness does your door hardware work without modifications?

Our hardware ships prepped for 1-3/8 thick (common interior doors) and 1-3/4” (common exterior doors) but can be prepped for many additional thicknesses with notice. 

Describe the differences between a passage, privacy, single dummy, and double dummy sets?

Privacy does just that; locks to provide privacy (not “security” of an entry door) for a bedroom or bathroom.  Passage latches to keep doors closed for doors like closets and halls.  Dummies do not latch but are commonly used for closets, etc.  Single Dummy= 1 Side;  Double Dummy= Both Sides

How does the address plaque mount?

They mount on either masonry or siding by a “keyhole” slipping over and down on the screw head.

How many holes will be on my kick plate and where are they located?

Screws are “down a ½ inch, and in a ½ inch in each corner and spaced approx. 6+ inch across the top and bottom of a screw mounted plate.

What is your lead time to ship an order?

BRASS Accents standard lead times: kick plates, mail slots, address plaques, door knockers, same or next day.  Push and pull plates, door sets, switch plates, cabinet hardware, hinges, and misc. 5 working days.  Custom kick plates, approx. 3 weeks.  We will confirm only those orders that deviate from our standard lead times. 

Do Magnetic & Adhesive mounted kick plates have screw holes?

No. Adhesive and magnet mount plates are made without holes.

How big are knobs, how long are levers and what the projections?

Most knobs are about 2-1/4” diameter but some are as large as 3” and the projection is about 2-1/2” but can be as low as 2” and levers are about 4” long, but please check for exact measurements for each. 

Why does my door knocker come with interior screws and cup washers that do not match the knocker finish that I ordered?

You want the knocker to stand out and to be an accent piece on the exterior of your door, but the opposite it true for the mounting hardware on the inside of your door.  We recommend painting the inside screws the color of your door to make them as innocuous as possible. 

Push and pull on a back plate; are they surface mounted?

We supply surface mounting hardware for our push and pull plates, but in many high traffic applications we would recommend upgrading to “through door” mounting. 

What is the center to center for an eye viewer and how big is the hole required?

This varies per viewer.  Please review at “door knockers” on

What is the recommended height for the placement of a door knocker?

Ideally it should be between eye and shoulder level. Please review “installation instructions” on

What does center to center mean for a door knocker?

The measurement from the center of the top screw hole to the center of the lower screw hole.

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